Evaluate the expression when a=3 and b=4[tex]2a^{2} +b=[/tex]

Accepted Solution

Answer:The answer to this problem is 22.Step-by-step explanation:To solve this problem, we simply need to plug in the values given for a and b into the expression given and simplify.We are given that a=3 and b=4, thus, these are the numbers we will plug in before we simplify.2a^2 + b =2(3)^2 + 4Next, we should follow the rules of PEMDAS.  This tells us that we should solve the parentheses first, but since there are no parentheses, we can move onto exponents.If we simplify, we get:2(9) + 4Next, we should perform the multiplication.18 + 4Finally, we can add together the remaining terms.18 + 4 = 22Therefore, your answer is 22.Hope this helps!